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Staff Directory

District Office
Harborfields High School
Oldfield Middle School
Thomas J. Lahey Elem. School
Washington Dr. Primary School


District Office
Dr. Francesco Ianni  [email protected]   Superintendent of Schools
Sharon Donnelly [email protected] Assistant Superintendent for Business 
Dr. Rory Manning [email protected] Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Administration
Maureen Raynor [email protected] Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Instructional Services
Theresa McGuire [email protected] Director for Pupil Personnel Services 
John Valente  [email protected] Director P.E., Health & Athletics 
Rose Scammell  [email protected]   Assistant Director for Pupil Personnel Services 
Maribeth Corr   [email protected]   Guidance K-12 Administrator/Assistant Principal (OMS)
Timothy Russo
[email protected]
Principal (HHS)
Joanne Giordano  [email protected]   Principal (OMS) 
Mary Williams  [email protected]   Principal (TJL) 
Kathryn McNally
[email protected]
Principal (WDPS)
Christopher Patronaggio
[email protected]
Assistant Principal (HHS) 
Allison Joyce  [email protected]   Assistant Principal (HHS) 
Robert Hendrick [email protected]   Assistant Principal (OMS) 
Andrea Horowitz  [email protected] Assistant Principal (TJL) 
Kerry Neira  [email protected] Assistant Principal (WDPS) 
Richard LaFountain [email protected] Director of Facilities
Gail Sanders  [email protected] Food Services Director 
Lynda Abner [email protected] Clerical - Human Resources
Joann Boccard [email protected] Clerical - PE Health & Athletics
Jennifer Bonomo  [email protected] Clerical - Payroll/Benefits
Mikayla Buckley [email protected] Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services
Tanya Dworjanyn [email protected] Clerical - Accounting
Paula Francis  [email protected]  Treasurer & Benefits Clerk 
Jill Ferro [email protected]  Clerical - Music & Art 
Dennis Graham   [email protected] Principal Account Clerk/School Purchasing Agent 
Ildiko Laurinyecz Gucciardo [email protected] Clerical - Accounts Payable 
Susan Hahn   [email protected] Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services 
Gina Inglese  [email protected]   Superintendent's Secretary 
Bonnie Kamm [email protected]  Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services 
Theresa McGrane [email protected] Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services 
Sotiria Neofitos [email protected] Clerical - Human Resources
Christina Oliver  [email protected] Clerical - Grants & Assessment 
Lorri O'Malley [email protected]  Clerical - Curriculum & Instruction
Stacy O'Neill  [email protected] Clerical - Payroll 
Jennifer Paranandi  [email protected]   Clerical - District Office
Holli Phillips  [email protected]  Clerical - Food Services
Marianna Price [email protected] Transportation Coordinator
Maryann Viglucci [email protected]  Internal Claims Auditor 
Sharon Whelan [email protected]  District Clerk/Secretary to the Asst. Supt. for Business