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Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School

Health Education Curriculum at T.J.L.

Health Education classes are held weekly and includes Life Skills Training for our students.  The purpose of Life Skills Training is to reduce the risks of tobacco, alcohol, drug abuse and violence by targeting the factors that promote the initiation of substance abuse and other risky behaviors.  This curriculum includes eight lessons specifically written for each grade level.  The lessons include the topics: Self Esteem, Decision-Making, Smoking Information, Advertising, Dealing with Stress, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Assertiveness.

In addition to Life Skills Training, the Health Education Curriculum includes topics such as personal health practices (dental health), personal safety (preventing abuse), substance abuse prevention (using medicine safely), growth and development (puberty, hygiene), disease prevention (HIV), nutrition, family life and relationships, emotional health, (loss and grief), violence prevention (bullying) and consumer health.

For a complete list of topics, please click on the attached link: Elementary Health Curriculum.

Our full-time Health Educator is Ms. Susan Crispino. ([email protected])