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    OMS   Announcements

     Friday, June 14, 2019

      Today is an "A" Day

-  Attention 8th graders: All information about Moving Up is available on the OMS Home Page. Click the  icon for details.

-  Pre-sale yearbooks will be distributed to all three grades this week.  Yearbooks will be on sale for 8th grade Tuesday - Friday   7th Grade Wednesday - Friday and   6th Wednesday - Friday during your lunch periods.  ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  $60 Cash.

-  Return your library books now

-  Locker Inspections have begun! Please be sure that your school-issued lock is on your locker. If your lock is broken, bring it to the Main Office for a replacement.  If your lock is missing, come to the Main Office with $5 to buy a new lock. 

-  Reminder to All Band Students:  even though morning rehearsals are now over for the year, you still have lessons.  You are required to make up any missed lessons.

-  The School Store has a few BOGO sales going on for the remainder of the month--buy one pen, get one free; buy one binder, get 3 pens free; buy a set of dividers, get 2 pens free; buy one folder, get another free.

-   JUST AS A REMINDER:  For Security Reasons, ALL students who are being picked up early from school, MUST report to the Main Office after you are called out of class to be released WITH YOUR PARENTS.