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Harborfields’ Horns of Plenty

Harborfields’ Horns of Plenty    thumbnail241463

Numerous French horn players from across Long Island came together on Jan. 13 to take part in the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association Day of Horn held at Northport High School. Three French horn players from Oldfield Middle School – Claire Bernstein, Anna Hoppe and Annabelle Saylor – represented Harborfields at this one-of-a-kind gathering. In addition to a massed horn band and an All-Star student group, guest artist Linda Kimball, the principal horn of the Madison Symphony Orchestra and Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, made a notable appearance. Harborfields music faculty member Cathy Ferraro was on hand to work with the Oldfield students and take part in the festivities.    

Date Added: 2/3/2023

A Year of Science for Seven Students from Harborfields

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A year of science for seven students from Harborfields  thumbnail241369

Seven Harborfields High School students – Maeve Baron, Clarissa Bues, Adeline Chunton, Alexis Ebanks, Katie Smith, Sara Tovar-Guacaneme and Emily Xie – are currently participating in the Science Journal Club at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a program that was built exclusively for the Harborfields Science Research program. Throughout the school year, the students regularly meet with the library archivist and various scientists to discuss and present scientific journal articles. They have also had a chance to see behind the scenes of a few state-of-the-art laboratories as well as access the archives containing some of the original works of the many famous Cold Spring Harbor Labs scientists from the past century.

Date Added: 2/1/2023

Harborfields Musicians Earn County-Level Recognition

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As 2022 reached its end, Harborfields received news that 76 of the district’s students in grades 5-10 were selected for the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s All-County ensembles. These student-musicians will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with their SCMEA All-County ensembles in early March.  
“It’s incredibly heartening to see such high achievement across so many grade levels and buildings,” K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky said. “That number may very well be a record for our district, and we’re so incredibly proud of these students. This recognition is a testament to their efforts, the work of the district’s dedicated music staff and the contributions of a broad support network involving the entire Harborfields family within and beyond our classrooms.”

Date Added: 1/31/2023

Three Young Harborfields SPARK Scientists Train at Brookhaven Lab

Three Young Harborfields SPARK Scientists Train at Brookhaven Lab thumbnail240514

Harborfields High School students Clarissa Bues, Matt Cook and Anna Duff are currently participating in the Student Partnerships for Advanced Research and Knowledge program at Brookhaven National Laboratory, which provides high schoolers an opportunity to become visiting researchers at the lab’s scientific facilities.

Over the summer, the three SPARK students were trained in the process of protein crystallization by two BNL scientists. Throughout the winter, they will work on crystallizing a novel protein for analysis in the National Synchrotron Light Source II in order to publish their structure in the Protein Data Bank. This state-of-the-art device is able to image proteins to some of the highest resolutions in the world.

Date Added: 1/26/2023

A Night of Exploring Musical Instruments in Harborfields

A Night of Exploring Musical Instruments in Harborfields   thumbnail240445

On the evening of Jan. 9, second graders from Washington Drive Primary School in the Harborfields Central School District had an opportunity to learn about the various instrumental options that await them in Harborfields’s band and orchestra programs.

Following a brief introduction from K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky, the students and their parents took a tour through their choices. Tri-M Music Honor Society members from Harborfields High School, under the direction of Tri-M adviser Allison Scilla, demonstrated what makes each instrument unique and allowed students to explore to the fullest. Washington Drive music teacher Laura Pomerantz and Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School instrumental music teachers Cathy Ferraro and Courtney Kassinger were on hand to share information, and the evening ended with an informative question-and-answer session.

“As our second grade students begin to think about what instrument they might want to play, it’s vital that they receive a comprehensive overview of their choices and get to see and hear everything up close,” Bilawsky said. “This program, coupled with the education they receive in their music classes and opportunities to attend any of our many concert performances in the district throughout the year, is essential in that process. We were so pleased to see so many enthusiastic students and their parents at this wonderful event, and we look forward to welcoming them into our instrumental music programs.”

Date Added: 1/25/2023