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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I email a teacher?

A: Each member of the school faculty has an email address. Please refer to the ‘Faculty and Staff Directory’ on the Harborfields CSD website homepage   OR    Click Here for the Directory


Q. How can I set up a meeting with my child’s teachers?

A. Please contact your child’s counselor at 753-5310 x4340 to schedule a team meeting.


Q. How can I monitor my child’s grades on tests, quizzes, and assignments?

A. OMS’ Teacher Gradebook is now “live,” meaning you can view your child’s grades as teachers post them throughout the quarter. You can access this information through the Parent Portal under the "GRADES"  tab.


Q. How does my child get his /her notes and homework when absent from school?

A. Your child can access their GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT to view current information on homework and related notes depending on the assignment.  To access your child’s Google Drive Account Click here for instructions . 


Q. How to I find out about upcoming events at OMS?

A. Please refer to the OMS homepage OR click "Important Announcements" and the "OMS Virtual Backpack"  tabs.  In addition, here is the list of  "Student Activities."


Q. How are student averages calculated?

A. Click here for a letter from Mrs. Corr explaining how the averages are calculated.


Q. Can my child join a club at any time throughout the year?

A. YES!  We encourage your child to try new clubs and activities. With a signed parent permission slip, your child can attend a club at any point in the year. For a list of clubs offered at OMS,  CLICK here for the website link.

Q. What interscholastic athletics are available for my child?

A.  Click here for a list of the sports available per season for your child in 7th and 8th grades.