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Capital Project Vote - Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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Harborfields HS musicians receive high honor

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Nine Harborfields High School students have been selected to perform in one of four ensembles at the NYSCAME All-County Music Festival in November.

NYSCAME All-County is composed of the highest-scoring NYSSMA musicians across Suffolk County. These outstanding students, along with other top ranked musicians, will be taking participating in three intensive rehearsal sessions that culminate with a concert in November. 

All-County Orchestra:
Evangelea Andreadis, Viola 
Everett Borman, Violin 1
Hope Lusby, Violin 1

All-County Band:
Victoria Bell, Trumpet/Cornet
Jared Buchholtz, Trumpet/Cornet 

Mixed Chorus:
Julia Perz, Soprano 1
Treble Chorus:
Olivia Freiberger, Soprano 1
Angeline Miraglia, Alto 2
Jennifer Mittelman, Alto 2


Students at Washington Drive learn about fire safety

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Kindergartners at Washington Drive Primary School had an opportunity to explore the Centerport Fire Department’s firetruck and equipment during a fire prevention assembly on Oct. 15. 

Emergency responders taught the students important fire safety measures, such as stop, drop and roll, and stressed the importance of closing doors to prevent a potential fire from spreading. The children also learned to stay low, visible and near a window if they ever find themselves trapped in the house in the event of a fire. 

Additionally, students were encouraged to go home and ask their parents to check the batteries in their smoke detectors and to review their households’ safety plan in case of an emergency. 

Harborfields students celebrate National Coming Out Day

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In celebration of National Coming Out Day, students in Harborfields High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance set up shop outside of the cafeteria on Oct. 11 and handed out free rainbow pins and stickers and sold bracelets for $1. 

The idea behind their efforts is to boost district-wide support for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questionable for those who are uncertain of their sexual orientation.

The proceeds will be poured back into the club, which is working towards expanding the school’s sexual education program to include more information on LGBTQ relationships. 

Kindergartners prepare for Fall

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Kindergartners in Melissa Moccaldi’s class at Washington Drive Primary School kicked off the start of Fall last week.

The students learned about different kinds of apples and even got the chance to taste-test them during an Apple Day celebration on Oct. 4. Kindergartners spent the week decorating fall wreaths with leaves, pumpkins and apples made of different colored cardstock and painted their favorite colored apples.