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Harborfields High School

Daily Announcements

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Good morning HF, today is a "A" day! 

The following announcements are an abridged version. To view and any skits or live announcements, please view them using the YouTube link below:

It is going to be really cold on thanksgiving! 27 degrees and dropping. The rest of the week is nice. Of course its going to be cold the one day that I am having everyone over my house. [DROPS MIC & EXIT]


Are you a writer? Would you like to take get an extra opinion on your writing? Would you like to meet other writers and share your stories? Then register for the Scribes at the Harborfields Public Library. Meeting is on November 30th.

Harborfields alumni Lauren Modica will representing the Naval Academy and Catherine Burns will be representing U.S. Coast Guard Academy when they come to Harborfields today.  They will both be in the GRC from 10:30-11:30! Stop by and see what they have to say!

Now to Miss Purcell from a slow boat to China.  Thanks Miss Purcell we hope your voyage is going well.  

See you real soon and have a Great Thanksgiving!

Have a great day HF!